Daniel BOUZAS is Policy Adviser at the European Banking Federation. He coordinates the work on Business Lending and access to finance, Sustainable Finance and Export Credits under the broader umbrella of European banks’ actions to finance the economy. His main focus resides on assessing the core policy areas affecting the financing of EU companies through banking and financial market channels, having a specific focus on the critical needs of SMEs (increasingly of innovative, high-growth companies) and export credits to support the internationalization of EU corporates. With regards to sustainable finance, he coordinates synergies between the sustainable finance agendas of different international regulators (EU, OECD, UN…), the core financing and risk management activities of banks and initiatives surrounding the Sustainable Development Goals.

Daniel holds a M.A degree in International Relations and Diplomacy studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, focusing on political economy and political risk management. He has worked on different areas of EU policy-making and international affairs management, with varied expertise on financial services, development cooperation, Multilateral Bank financing and regional development.