Jean Pierre Mustier began his career at Société Générale, where he remained from 1987 until 2009, working primarily within the Corporate & Investment Banking division. He held numerous positions in various markets and financing activities, in Europe, but also in Asia and the US.
Jean Pierre was appointed head of Société Générale’s Corporate & Investment Banking Division in 2003, and was also a member of the bank’s Executive Committee. In September 2008, he took over the responsibility for Asset Management, Private Banking and Securities Services.

After leaving Société Générale at the end of 2009 he has advised many financial institutions and completed large amounts of fundraising for various social enterprises and non-profit institutions, also as trustee.
In early 2011 he joined UniCredit as Deputy General Manager in charge of the Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB) Division. He was a member of the UniCredit Executive Management Committee. Upon stepping down from his executive role at UniCredit at the end of December 2014, he joined the bank’s international advisory board.

In January 2015, Jean Pierre became a London based partner of Tikehau Capital, an investment management group, with specific focus and responsibility for Tikehau’s international expansion.

On 30th June 2016 he was co-opted as member of the board of directors of UniCredit S.p.A., being thereafter appointed as Group Chief Executive Officer and General Manager effective 12th July 2016.

On 1st July 2019, Jean Pierre became President of the European Banking Federation (EBF).