She joined the Bank of Italy’s Directorate Statistics in 1991, where she worked mostly on the data management of several sets of data collected  from supervised intermediaries, mainly banks’ balance sheet statistics, prudential supervision data, interest rates information. She later was appointed head of the Statistical Data Collection Division (2006-2011) and head of the Central Credit Register Division (2012-2017).

She was responsible for the AnaCredit project in Banca d’Italia. From October 2017 she was appointed in the management staff supporting the Head of the Data Collection and Processing Department.  She has been member of several WGs/TFs, of which the ESCB working group on monetary and financial statistics, ESCB joint expert group on data reconciliation, Financial Stability Committee’s working group on central credit registers, ESCB working group on AnaCredit, World Bank International Committee on Credit Reporting. She is currently chairing an ESCB network of expert on AnaCredit feedback loops addressed to banks.